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Thank you for the birthday wishes, yesterday. I didn't have the best birthday but that's more because my attitude made it suck. I didn't do anything special either, my family was supposed to take me out to eat but I wasn't feeling well. We're going out tonight though. :D
Another year goes by where I don't get to splash my art on a giant cake. T_T

I haven't drawn much the past few months, I tend to go through these long phases of not drawing then short phases of I want to draw everything. Right now I have some new artwork ideas but I haven't drawn them out yet, okay, one I did. You can have a preview.

Some updates of what's to come:
I'm currently working with Dawn of Dragoart to submit tutorials. These are what I'll be working on for now:
-how to draw chibi Governor from Walking Dead
-how to draw chibi Merle from Walking Dead
-how to draw chibi Carl From Walking Dead
-how to draw anime angel wings
-how to draw a gothic lolita girl (chibi if you want, which you prefer)

Speaking of commissions, since I'm no longer in school, I'd love to open commissions again. I will make a post about that in the near future with info and pricing.
Please note that I will only accept paypal payments, I have no need for DA points; at the moment I'm saving up to visit my boyfriend in Hungary and that's a lot of money. If you'd like to commission me, you can message me and we discuss it or you can wait for the official journal post to be posted.

From May 31rst to June 2nd, I will be in Georgia for Frill, a lolita convention. I'm looking forward to this because I'll be spending the weekend with my friends and I've even been asked to model my friend's Twinkle Bat series, if you haven't seen her dresses yet (I'm sure everyone by now has though), you can do so here.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!
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kleinsinus Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
20 .... nice number! ^^ I wish you many many awesome years of life in the future! ^^
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May 17, 2013